CHI 2011 – Accepted Workshop Papers

EDIT: Workshop papers can be found here.

Well done everyone, looking forward to meeting you all in May.

  • Access and Analysis: the Ethics of Brain-Computer Interfaces (Chauncey, K., Peck, E.)
  • The ‘Aha’ Moment: Using Psychophysiological Measures to Identify IT Entrepreneurial Epiphanies (Randolph, A. B., Mourmant, G.)
  • Better Brain Interfacing for the Masses: Progress in Event-Related Potential Detection using Commercial Brain Computer Interfaces (Grierson, M., Kiefer, C.)
  • Biometric Storyboards visualising meaningful gameplay events (Mirza-Babaei, P., McAllister, G.)
  • Directions in Physiological Game Evaluation and Interaction (Nacke, L.)
  • Framing Meaningful Adaptation in a Social Context (Peck, E., Lalooses, F., Chauncey, K.)
  • Grasp Interaction Using Physiological Sensor Data (Wimmer, R.)
  • Issues inherent in controlling the interpretation of the Physiological Cloud (Gilleade, K., Lee, K.)
  • Let Me Listen to Your Brain – Physiology-based Interaction in Collaborative Music Composition (Mealla C, S., Väljamäe, A., Bosi, M., Jordà, S.)
  • Online single trial ERN detection as an interaction aid in HCI applications (Vi, C., Subramanian, S.)
  • Meaningful Human-Computer Interaction Using fNIRS Brain Sensing (Solovey, E., Jacob, R.)
  • “Movemental”: Integrating Movement and the Mental Game (Pope, A., Stephens, C.)
  • The role of physiological computing in counteracting loneliness (Janssen, J., Westerink, J., IJsselsteijn, W., van der Zwaag, M.)
  • Tangent Society – Persistent Mobile Multiplayer Activity Logging Game (Kuikkaniemi, K., Kosunen, I., Laitinen, T., Vilkki, M.)
  • Unobtrusive Mood Assessment for Training Applications (Wingrave, C., Hoffman, M., LaViola Jr., J., Sottilare, R.)
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About Kiel Gilleade

I'm a computer scientist with a background in the development of physiological interactive systems. I have worked on a range of physiological interactive systems, including computer games, interactive artworks and life tracking. My research interests focus on the development and evaluation of physiologically interactive technologies. I currently based in Antibes, France.