CHI 2011 Workshop – Session 2 “Meaningful Interaction” Videos Online

This week see’s the release of the talks* presented during the Meaningful Interaction session. To view these talks please click here. For guidance about the session 2 talks please consult the abstracts listed below.

(Solovey, E. T., Jacob, R. J. K.) Meaningful Human-Computer Interaction Using fNIRS Brain Sensing (PDF)

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy is an emerging non-invasive brain sensing technique that can provide valuable cognitive state information to a user interface. In this paper, we describe fNIRS technology, consider important attributes of fNIRS data, and propose some suggestions for using fNIRS for meaningful interaction.

(Peck, E., Lalooses, F., Chauncey, K.) Framing Meaningful Adaptation in a Social Context (PDF)

Research has shown that we unconsciously interact with computers in a social manner. We speculate that viewing adaptive interfaces in a social context can be a helpful framework for design. We can create meaningful adaptations – natural and intuitive – by examining how humans adapt to social cues in social situations. This paper will briefly outline the background of computers as social agents, as well as list potential applications of design.

* ‘“Movemental”: Integrating Movement and the Mental Game’ is scheduled for release later on.