Forum for the Community for Passive BCI

A quick post to alert people to the first forum for the Community for Passive BCI Research that take place from the 16th to the 18th of July at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study in Delmenhorst, near Bremen, Germany.  This event is being organised by Thorsten Zander from the Berlin Institute of Technology.

The main aim of the forum in his own words “is to connect researchers in this young field and to give them a platform to share their motivations and intentions. Therefore, the focus will not be primarily set on the presentation of new scientific results, but on the discussion of current and future directions and the possibilities to shape the community.”

The preliminary programme is below.  If you would like to know more, I’d suggest contacting Thorsten directly (

16th of July 2014

08.00            Breakfast
09.00            Welcome, Introduction and Perspectives (Thorsten O. Zander)
10.00            1st Perspective Talk (Scott Makeig)
11.00            2nd Perspective Talk (Fabien Lotte)
12.00            3rd Perspective Talk (Anne-Marie Brouwer / Jan van Erp)
13.00            Lunch Break
14.30            Shaping the Community – Discussing the central website
16.00            Shaping the Community – Presentation of different Working Groups
19.00            Dinner

17th of July 2014

08.00            Breakfast
09.00            4th Perspective Talk (Theresa Vaughan) [requested!]
10.00            5th Perspective Talk (Clemens Brunner)
11.00            6th Perspective Talk (Stephen Fairclough)
12.00            7th  Perspective Talk (Anton Nijholt)
13.00            Lunch Break
14.00            Shaping the Community – Demo of Toolboxes and Hardware (Gaze Tracking / Dry EEG electrodes)
16.00            Shaping the Community – Communicating needs and directions
18.00            Dinner
20.00            Music event

18th of July 2014

08.00            Breakfast
09.00            Conclusion and Outlook
12.00            Lunch
14.00            Good bye