Manifest.AR Show and Tell

For the past two weeks me and Steve have been working with Manifest.AR, a collective of AR artists, on an exhibit to be shown at FACT in February 2013. The exhibit has been commissioned as part of the ARtSENSE project which we work on.

At the end of the two weeks a  public show and tell event was held at FACT on the current works in progress.

A video of this event is now online.

As the video is nearly 2 hrs long, highlights are provided below: –

  • 00:00 ARtSENSE project
  • 32:40 Physiological Computing
  • 55:20 Applications of Physiological Computing / Layar Demo
  • 1:06:15 Manifest.AR – Tamiko Thiel
  • 1:15:49 Manifest.AR – Will Pappenheimer
  • 1:26:04 Manifest.AR – John Cleater
  • 1:35:51 Manifest.AR – Mark Skwarek
  • 1:42:14 Manifest.AR – John Craig Freeman

Our time with Manifest.AR was pretty intense as you can imagine working with an entire collective of artists. When I catch a breather I’ll  update the blog with some of the cool stuff we did. At the moment we’re in Valencia at an ARtSENSE project meeting under guard by Third Echelon.

IOSB i-Star AR eye tracker demo at ARtSENSE project meeting

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I'm a computer scientist with a background in the development of physiological interactive systems. I have worked on a range of physiological interactive systems, including computer games, interactive artworks and life tracking. My research interests focus on the development and evaluation of physiologically interactive technologies. I currently based in Antibes, France.