ARtSENSE Visual Aesthetic Interest Survey


The survey is now CLOSED. Thank you to all our participants.

We invite you to take part in the ARtSENSE Visual Aesthetic Interest Survey. The survey asks you to give subjective ratings, i.e. your thoughts and feelings, towards artworks on a number of scales. The survey is part of the ARtSENSE project which investigates augmented reality supported adaptive and personalized experience in a museum based on processing real-time sensor events.

ARtSENSE tackles a very important problem in the modern usage of ICT in cultural heritage domain. It aims to bridge the gap between the digital world with the physical in a highly flexible way in order to enable a novel and adaptive cultural experience.

You can complete the study online and it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes. You will be given feedback about the picture you have rated as most interesting and how it compares to that others have rated most interesting. You can also enter a prize draw for some Amazon vouchers!

To take part in this study (you have to be at least 18) and for further details go to:

Many Thanks,

Ute Kreplin

PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University, UK

2 thoughts on “ARtSENSE Visual Aesthetic Interest Survey

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  2. Ben Lewis Evans

    Rated all three – I quite like the icons for the rating, except for the Japanese masks which I didn’t find varied much in my eyes.

    Nice study though, although on the second and third ones (Donatello and Leonardo I think) that I rated certain images as “most interesting” that I was sure I rated as relatively boring… perhaps despite liking them I misinterpreted the rating scales.

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