Mindflex & Force Trainer at San Diego Comic-Con

If your in the vicinity of San Diego this week be sure to check out Mattel’s MindFlex and Uncle Milton’s Force Trainer at the Sand Diego Comic-Con (23/7-26/7). MindFlex and Force Trainer are brain wave controlled toys developed using Neurosky’s BCI headset + development platform. Each toy implements a simple BCI mechanic: leviatate a ball by regulating brain activity. MindFlex uses frontal theta* brainwaves to control the ball which is known to increase with attention / mental effort (e.g. focus your attention on the ball to make it rise). I imagine the same signal is used for Force Trainer though I’ve yet to confirm this. The simplicity of such a mechanic should make it relatively easy for the casual user to play with the toy without any training in modulating their braiwaves.

You can find each demo at booths #3029 (MindFlex) and #2913U (Force Trainer)

Both products are due out later this year.

* Based on descriptions of the product and the placement of the EEG sensor.

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