A mixed time for relaxing

Following on from yesterday’s post, I quickly checked up on Innergy, Ubisoft’s entry into the biofeedback market. Announced a year after the Vitality in 2010, the game seems to of quietly disappeared off Ubisoft’s website. The most recent news report in 2012 indicated work was still on-going on the project, but no release schedule had been announced. Given the lack of PR noise this late in the year and the missing listings on Ubisoft’s webpage I don’t expect we’ll see a 2013 release or one in the future. This would be rather disappointing, although the revealed gameplay was very traditional for a a biofeedback regime, the production values where first rate e.g. art work by Rolito (see Patapon on the Sony PSP) of and which is sorely lacking in many biofeedback programs.

In more upbeat news, Vryo Games, which was set-up back in 2004 by the developers behind the competitive relaxation game we all know (and love to reference): Relax-to-Win , is back with a new name, Galvanic, and a KickStarter campaign for their mobile biofeedback suite PiP which has routes in their early work at MIT Media Lab Europe. See if you can find spot the homage to the original Relax-to-Win in their software suite. If your interested in supporting the system the KickStarter is about half way towards its goal and has 9 more days left to go.

Hmm, I could always do with another sensor.

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